Wiha Tools and Veto Pro Pac Limited Edition Pac Sells Out in Under 2 Hours

Wiha Tools and Veto Pro Pac Limited Edition Pac Sells Out in Under 2 Hours

Press Release | Wiha Tools USA

MONTICELLO, MN – August 7, 2020

Wiha Tools is excited to announce and recount the success of the recent collaboration with Veto Pro Pac. Upon launching a collaboration consisting of a Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac filled with a 50-piece assortment of Wiha Tools on Wiha’s websites, it sold out in under 2 hours.

See the 30 Piece Wiha Redstripe Tool Kit here.

“We first saw an opportunity for the two companies to connect after seeing many Wiha Tools in the Veto Pro Pac tool bag pictures our customers were sharing on social media. It was apparent that there was an opportunity to elevate the photography for our collateral by showing images of our tool bags with tool brands our customers rely on daily to earn their living. Wiha’s response to our initial inquiry could not have been more positive and accommodating. It didn’t take long for the two companies to see the value: When brands with unparalleled quality standards & complementary offerings collaborate, instead of compete, customers win!”, said Lee Griswold, Veto Pro Pac’s Senior Vice President of Product Development.

James Brooks, President of Veto Pro Pac, added, “The success of our collaboration with Wiha Tools was a direct result of what can happen when best in class brands in different product categories join forces to create attractive offers for prosumers. We have been impressed with Wiha’s team since the day we reached out to them to initiate a basic cross-marketing concept, which moved quickly to a conversation about more creative partnership opportunities. And, the incredible results of our recent channel partner offer combining Wiha premium tools in Veto Pro Pac’s top-selling Tech Pac backpack was the first venture in what we hope will be many more Wiha-Veto Pro Pac exciting opportunities for end-users”.

“The first collaboration between Veto Pro Pac and Wiha tools is the perfect testament to success when power brands partner and work together by offering value and solutions to our customers. We thank Veto for the opportunity and truly appreciate the support and the loyalty of our fan base, which made this partnership the most humbling and overwhelming experience!” Exclaimed Mihran Egavian, VP of Sales for Wiha Tools.

Wiha Tools is excited to continue communication and collaborating with the Veto Pro Pac team and looks forward to the possibilities that this inaugural partnership has provided. Stay tuned for the next collaboration between Veto Pro Pac and Wiha Tools.

About Wiha Tools

Founded in 1939, Wiha has become a leading global manufacturer of hand tools and solutions for professional tradespeople and industrial markets. Currently, over 1000 Wiha employees manufacture and market award-winning Wiha premium tools. A host of awards underline that Wiha has set the standard in functionality, design, and quality.

Willi Hahn Corporation USA dba Wiha Tools is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wiha Werkzeuge Gmbh Schonach, Germany.

Wiha Tools USA has developed into the largest subsidiary of Wiha Worldwide offering over 3,500 products from our Monticello, Minnesota based North American Headquarters. Wiha Tools USA services all of North, Central and South America.

With over 80 years of manufacturing experience Wiha has become a world leader in the production of premium quality German hand tools with a focus on application-driven design, engineered specifically for professional tradespeople. Wiha’s commitment is to safety, premium quality and excellence at the highest level, unparalleled customer service and community engagement, and to constantly and continuously improve our application-driven designs and production efficiencies.

The family-owned company is recognized, as a TOP 100 most innovative medium-sized German enterprise and received the Manufacturing Excellence Award (MX Award) as the best German SME (Small Medium Enterprise). Wiha is the first-hand tool manufacturer in the world to receive the internationally recognized AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken) seal of approval. Wiha’s innovative approach offers real added value and user benefits in terms of increased efficiency and functionality in everyday work. www.wihatools.com

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